3D Virtual Reality - Advantages - Detect Design Flaws

Design Flaws Avoided by Having 3D Renderings

Here is another case where quite a bit of money was saved because 3D renderings were done before construction.

Notice, in the 3D rendering on the left, the height of the window?  

As designed, the height would be fine if this was in another room but here the view while sitting in the Jacuzzi would be limited. 

Fortuately, this became apparent from the 3D rendering so the plans could be changed to lower it before construction started.

The photo on the right shows the home as it was constructed.  

Immagine if this flaw had not been detected and it had been installed as designed.  The homeowner would either have incurred costs and a delay in schedule to have it changed or would have had to "live with" the situation and been forever unhappy.

bath 3D Rendering Loading 

bath as-built loading 

The need for another improvement was also discovered.

The height of the marble surround on the right side of the Jacuzzi was lowered.

This allows a painting to be added on that wall in the future.